Edward Verdugo, GIT

Senior Staff Geophysicist


Bachelor of Science, Geological Sciences, 2001, San Diego State University, San Diego, California


Geologist-in-Training, California


OSHA 40-Hour Health and Safety Training (with annual updates)

Refinery Safety Overview (RSO)

Los Angeles Clean Card (LACC)

American Petroleum Institute (API) WorkSafe


Microsoft Office, Pathfinder, Photoshop, Surfer


Mr. Verdugohas over 11 years of experience conducting geophysical and land surveying services for a wide range of projects including such projects as schools, medical centers, refineries, pipelines, transportation corridors, residential and commercial developments, and landfills. Areas of geophysical expertise include electromagnetics, magnetics, ground penetrating radar, seismics, and electrical resistivity. Specific geophysical project experience includes:

  • Various Petroleum Refineries, Southern California: Field Geophysicist for several subsurface obstruction surveys. Prior to ground breaking activities, refineries such as ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, British Petroleum (BP), Valero, Tesoro, and THUMS have retained our services (directly or indirectly) to assess the presence of underground obstructions/features including utilities, underground piping, voids, old foundations, tanks, etc. Surveys included the use of magnetics, GPR, electromagnetics, and line tracers. Significant features have included buried former truck ramps, relatively large voids, undocumented pipes and utilities, buried slabs and foundations, and underground tanks. The results of our surveys were marked on the ground surface and mapped with a Trimble Pro XRS GPS.
  • I-405 and Sepulveda Improvement Project, Los Angeles, California: Field Geophysicist responsible for the performance of detailed geophysical studies to delineate the location of underground utilities and other underground obstructions which could potentially impact roadway construction and realignment activities. The project area included numerous major I-405 undercrossings and approximately 2 miles of Sepulveda Boulevard. The survey included the use of GPR, EM instrumentation, line tracers, waterline locators, and gradiometer. Project challenges included working at night, heavy traffic, and the presence of numerous underground lines.
  • Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, California: Staff Geophysicist performing the geophysical evaluation of walls, slabs, ceilings and columns in order to assess the presence of reinforcing steel, voids, and utilities. The services included the use of a GSSI SIR 3000 ground penetrating radar (GPR) with 2500, 2000, 1600, 900 and 400 MHz antennae (depending on the application) on various projects at the facility. In addition, electromagnetic line tracing instrumentation was also used. Project challenges included conducting the surveys in crawl spaces and basements.
  • UST Search, Southern California: Staff Geophysicist for survey services and geophysical analysis for the evaluation of numerous potential underground storage tank (UST) sites throughout southern California. Sites have included former gasoline service station sites, active fueling stations, industrial properties, and maintenance facilities. Services typically included conducting EM and/or magnetometer surveys across the site as well as GPR. In addition, line tracer methods were also used to detect product lines. The results were marked on the ground surface and presented in written illustrated reports.
  • Borehole Utility Surveys, Southern California: Staff Geophysiciston numerous projects pertaining to the location of underground utilities in the area of proposed boreholes or other destructive testing methods. Services typically include the use of electromagnetic, magnetic, GPR, and line tracer methods to detect and map underground utility lines and piping. Sites have included service station sites, industrial/commercial and residential properties, schools, military installations, roadways, and hospitals. The results were generally marked on the ground surface and presented in written illustrated reports.